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Our Facility

CrossFit Reynoldsburg established in 2009

Our 4,000 Sq Ft building is located in an industrial park. We open our garage doors when the weather allows.
Filtered water station to fill your bottle.

We do not offer daycare for kids, we do have an area for guests to wait.
We don't offer a shirt-trade or shirt-4-WOD program. However, we do keep CFR apparel in stock for purchase.


All classes are instructor lead.
Group Warm-Up
Weekdays usually include a Skill/Strength Set
Then the WOD

We do not post our WODs in advance. In fact we discourage social media about the WOD, until after the last class of the day.
Part of CrossFit is being prepared for the unknown and unknowable.
Plus it reduces "Cherry Picking".

During the Skill / Strength segment, we will allow you to follow your own programming if the class is small enough and room permits.
However, the class takes priority on use of equipment and squat racks.